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【全球新聞】2014' YAMAHA MT-07 -- 双缸版  

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【全球新聞】雙缸的 Yamaha MT-07 - 摩界圓夢工程師 - 石氏重型機車貿易organization

Make Model

Yamaha MT-07




Liquid cooled, four stroke, parallel twin cylinder,


Bore x Stroke 80  x 68.6 mm
Compression Ratio 11.5: 1
Lubrication system Wet sump


Fuel injection,

Ignition  /  Starting

TCI  /  electric

Max Power

55.0 kW 74.8 PS @ 9000 rpm

Max Torque

68.0 Nm 6.9 kg-m @ 6500 rpm


Constant Mesh
Final Drive Chain
Clutch Wet
Frame Diamond

Front Suspension

Telescopic forks, 130.mm wheel travel.

Rear Suspension

Swinging arm, 130.mm wheel travel.
Caster Angle 24?
Trail 90 mm

Front Brakes

2x 282mm discs

Rear Brakes

Single 245mm disc

Front Tyre

120/70 ZR 17M/C(58W) (Tubeless)

Rear Tyre

180/55 ZR 17M/C(73W) (Tubeless)
Wheel base  1400 mm
Dimensions Length 2085 mm  Width 745 mm  Height 1090 mm
Minimum ground clearance  140 mm
Seat height  805 mm


179 kg  /  AB S 182  kg (including full oil and fuel tank)
Oil Capacity 3.0 Litres

Fuel Capacity

14 Litres

【全球新聞】雙缸的 Yamaha MT-07 - 摩界圓夢工程師 - 石氏重型機車貿易organization


Exciting, accessible and affordable

The affordable new MT-07 is going to introduce newly qualified riders to everything that is best about real motorcycling – and it’s also ready to remind those more experienced riders what they’ve been missing for all these years.

Our designers have focused on the things that really matter to riders. So they developed an economical 689cc inline 2-cylinder engine that produces more riding excitement per cc thanks to its deep and linear torque at low to mid speeds.

And for instant controllability and easy handling we’ve equipped this accessible new naked bike with one of the lightest, slimmest and most agile chassis designs in the class.

【全球新聞】雙缸的 Yamaha MT-07 - 摩界圓夢工程師 - 石氏重型機車貿易organization

All-new 689cc inline 2-cylinder engine

What gives the new MT-07 such a special character is its all-new 689cc inline 2-cylinder engine which has been developed using Yamaha’s ’crossplane philosophy’. With an uneven firing interval, the 270-degree crank gives a strong feeling of acceleration and great traction, and the deep linear torque ensures outstanding performance.

【全球新聞】雙缸的 Yamaha MT-07 - 摩界圓夢工程師 - 石氏重型機車貿易organization

Light and slim tubular backbone frame

For easy manoeuvrability and remarkable agility, the new MT-07 runs with a light and slim steel backbone-type frame that utilizes the new engine as a stressed member. Combined with its compact wheelbase and plush suspension systems, this strong and light chassis gives a responsive and engaging ride.

【全球新聞】雙缸的 Yamaha MT-07 - 摩界圓夢工程師 - 石氏重型機車貿易organization

Engineered for optimum riding enjoyment

This exciting new addition to the MT range has been designed to deliver high levels of riding enjoyment together with a feeling of instant controllability. Chassis dimensions and weight distribution have been carefully set to maximize the enjoyment felt during acceleration and give the rider a connected feel with the motorcycle.

【全球新聞】雙缸的 Yamaha MT-07 - 摩界圓夢工程師 - 石氏重型機車貿易organization

Responsive performance with affordability and economy

With its all-new liquid-cooled engine, lightweight backbone frame and cutting edge style, the MT-07 is a remarkably versatile naked bike that succeeds in combining responsive performance with an affordable price and outstanding fuel economy – making it an ideal motorcycle for both newer and returning riders.

【全球新聞】雙缸的 Yamaha MT-07 - 摩界圓夢工程師 - 石氏重型機車貿易organization

Mass-forward design and sculpted body

The new MT-07 is characterized by its mass-forward design that emphasizes its athletic build and creates an immediate feeling of power. The slim fuel tank accentuates the bike’s compact looks and offers excellent knee grip – while the lightweight air scoops and aluminium side covers give the MT a sporty and purposeful image.

Characteristic MT-styling features

With its angular mirrors, LED tail light and mass-forward body design, there’s no mistaking the MT-07′s resemblance to the bigger 850cc 3-cylinder MT-09. Other family features include the lightweight cast aluminium 10-spoke wheels as well as the Z-shape formed by the air intake-style scoops and the exhaust down pipes.

【全球新聞】雙缸的 Yamaha MT-07 - 摩界圓夢工程師 - 石氏重型機車貿易organization

google 提供的翻译,很不专业,大家先凑合着与原文对比一睹为快!


经济实惠的新MT - 07将推出新的合格的车手一切,这是最好的关于真正的摩托车 - 它也随时提醒那些更有经验的车手,他们已经失踪这些年。




是什么赋予了新的MT- 07这样的特殊字符是其已使用雅马哈的“ crossplane哲学”开发全新的689cc直列2缸发动机。与不均衡的发射间隔, 270度的曲柄给人以强烈的加速度和牵引力大的感觉,和深线性扭矩保证了出色的性能。


对于易操作性和卓越的敏捷性,新的MT- 07与运行,利用新的引擎作为成员强调一盏灯,超薄钢骨干式车架。再加上其小巧的轴距和豪华悬架系统,这种强烈的光的底盘给人一个负责任的和引人入胜的旅程。




凭借其全新的液冷式发动机,轻量化骨干网架和前沿风格, MT -07是一种用途十分广泛裸体自行车的成功结合反应的性能和合理的价格和出色的燃油经济性 - 这使它成为理想的摩托车为较新的和返回的车手。


新的MT- 07的特点是它的质量向前的设计,强调其运动的构建和创造力量的直接的感觉。苗条的油箱突出了自行车的结构紧凑的外观,并提供出色的抓地力膝盖 - 而轻巧的空气勺和铝侧盖给MT运动型和有目的的图像。

凭借其角镜, LED尾灯和群众前进的机身设计,有没有弄错的MT- 07的相似性更大850cc 3缸MT- 09 。家庭其他功能还包括轻型铸铝10辐轮毂,以及由进气式的铲子和排气管向下形成的Z形。

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