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Dakar Rally — Stage 11: American Kurt Caselli Wins Again - 石氏重型機車貿易 - 石氏重型機車貿易organization
Dakar Rally — Stage 11: American Kurt Caselli Wins Again - 石氏重型機車貿易 - 石氏重型機車貿易organization

Dakar Rally — Stage 11: American Kurt Caselli Wins Again - 石氏重型機車貿易 - 石氏重型機車貿易organization

                Dakar Rally — Stage 11: American Kurt·Caselli Wins Again

01/16/2013 @ 5:02 pm, by Jensen Beeler9 COMMENTS

It is a special thing to win a stage at the Dakar Rally, and multiple stage victories are a true accomplishment in a racer’s career. We could leave the accolades there for Kurt Caselli, but taking two stage wins, during his rookie debut at the famous rally race, now that is something truly noteworthy. Filling the very big shoes left behind by the injured Marc Coma, Caselli has proven to be a diamond in the rough for the factory KTM team, which can only bode well for the California natives return to The Dakar in the coming years.

Winning the Baja-like terrain of Stage 11 with a 4:45 margin, Caselli helped lead the way for fellow bannerman Cyril Despres to regain the outright lead of The Dakar, while Despres’ teammate Ruben Faria also consolidated KTM’s 1-2 standings in the overall time slots, 13:16 behind Despres.  

Still ranked well below the other factory KTM riders, Caselli’s position moves to 29th, a figure weighed heavily by his navigational errors in Stage 8, which saw him miss several waypoint and checkpoints.

With eleven stages now completed, the 2013 Dakar Rally will head back into Chile tomorrow with the 12th stage, meaning only three stages of racing remain. A Top 10 finish may be a large challenge for Caselli, but it is undeniable that the American has made a strong first impression at his debut Dakar.

“Caselli did an amazing job today and we were all impressed, including Cyril,” said KTM Team Manager Alex Doringer. ”Cyril was able to use Caselli’s speed to ride with him for his third place in today’s stage and to consolidate his overall lead. Now we head for the Atacama Desert and this is an area we know from earlier Dakar Rallies. Cyril is feeling good and looking forward to getting into the dunes again.”

google 提供的翻译,很不专业,大家先凑合着与原文对比看一下:

                                达喀尔拉力赛 - 11:美国库尔特CASELLI再次获胜

2013年1月16日5:02 PM由Jensen Beeler9

       这是一个特别的东西赢得了达喀尔拉力赛的舞台上赛车手的职业生涯多阶段胜利是一个真正的成就??。我们可以把荣誉为Kurt CASELLI两个赛段冠军在他的新秀登场著名的拉力赛比赛,现在真正值得一提的灌装受伤的科马留下非常CASELLI已被证明是在粗糙的钻石KTM,这只能预示着美国加州当地人返回在未来数年达喀尔




       “今天CASELLI做了一个了不起的工作我们都留下深刻的印象,包括西里尔说:”KTM车队经理亚历克斯Doringer 西里尔能够使用CASELLI的速度他的第三个地方在今天的阶段巩固自己的全面领先现在我们的阿塔卡马沙漠,这是一个方面,我们知道,从早期达喀尔拉力赛西里尔感觉很好,期待着再次陷入沙丘

                      Video: Who is Kurt Caselli?

01/15/2013 @ 1:24 am, by Jensen BeelerADD COMMENTS

Dakar Rally — Stage 11: American Kurt Caselli Wins Again - 石氏重型機車貿易 - 石氏重型機車貿易organization

After winning Stage Seven of the 2013 Dakar Rally, the A.S.O. has started to give American Kurt Caselli a bit more love on its made-for-YouTube video updates. Replacing the injured Marc Coma on the factory KTM team, Caselli may be a rookie to The Dakar, but he is no stranger to high-achievements in some of motorcycling’s most brutal events. A WORCS, Hare & Hound, and ISDE winner, Caselli was also part of the second-place finishing KTM team that tackled the Baja 1000 in 2012.

The experience has helped the California native to adapt to the South American race, though not all the learning has been easy. Having a horrible ninth stage, Caselli dropped from 11th in the standings to 39th, with navigational errors costing him dearly. All a part of the learning process for this Dakar rookie, Caselli has several more days to overcome his time penalties and improve his finishing position.

google 提供的翻译,很不专业,大家先凑合着与原文对比看一下:


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