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【全球新聞】2012 Yamaha Zuma 50F First Ride  

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Tuesday, October 11, 2011
【全球新聞】2012 Yamaha Zuma 50F First Ride - ar.long - 三咪重型機車貿易organization
【全球新聞】2012 Yamaha Zuma 50F First Ride - ar.long - 三咪重型機車貿易organization

  No, that's not Frank Sinatra coming to visit. That's the sound of a two-stroke 50cc scooter motor zipping up one of San Francisco's hills. It can make it up that hill because a two-stroke powerplant makes roughly twice the power as a four-stroke mill of the same displacement, which means that for many of San Francisco's tens of thousands of scooterists, a cheap, cheerful, simple 50cc two-stroke steed was all they needed for years of transport-ainment.

  And then along comes the mean old Man, in his many iterations – state, local and federal agencies looking to clean up the air and quiet things down. Two-strokers make good power, but they also dump a lot of unburned fuel and burnt-up oil into the atmosphere. Sure, cleaner-burning two-stroke motors can be built, but for whatever reason, the number of two-stroke scooter models available in the USA has shrunk to almost nothing.
  The latest victim was Yamaha's second-generation Zuma 50. Immensely popular, with almost 64,000 sold in the U.S. since 2002, the Zuma offered sporty performance at a decent price. Two-stroke fans will lament the passing of its light weight, low price and surprising power for such a diminutive engine size.
【全球新聞】2012 Yamaha Zuma 50F First Ride - ar.long - 三咪重型機車貿易organization
  Or will they? For 2012, Yamaha brings us the Zuma 50F, choosing my hometown of San Fran to show off how suited it is for the dense urban environments it will call home. At the tech briefing, Aaron Bast, one of Yamaha's product planners, illuminated what went into the design.

  Yamaha conducted focus groups in the U.S. and Canada to find out how 50cc scooter buyers wanted their rides to look and perform. Turns out that the Zuma's audience is diverse, with almost 30% female and a huge distribution in age. Usage is broad too – 53% use it primarily for transportation to work, school or errands, but a third use it mostly just for fun. When asked why Zuma buyers purchased their mounts, styling, fuel economy and price were heavily represented responses. What did they want the bike to look like? Rugged, dirt bike styling and image kept coming up – along with a conflicting message about a desire for rider roominess and comfort.
  So there aren't a lot of surprises packed into the 2012 Zuma 50F. The basic platform is lifted from the late and maybe not-so-missed Yamaha C3 (say “sea cube”), which looked kind of like a baby casket on wheels and was unceremoniously dropped from the 2012 lineup. Still, as bland as that bike may have been, it had a pretty good engine – a three-valve, liquid-cooled Single with fuel-injection and triple-digit fuel economy. And the four-stroke design offers advantages beyond better fuel economy. It's also cleaner burning (it's even got dual catalyzers to meet the toughest environmental standards), runs cooler, has better torque off-idle and warms up faster. Yamaha claims 132 mpg, although that insanely economical figure is based on exhaust-emissions testing, not actual city riding.
【全球新聞】2012 Yamaha Zuma 50F First Ride - ar.long - 三咪重型機車貿易organization

【全球新聞】2012 Yamaha Zuma 50F First Ride - ar.long - 三咪重型機車貿易organization
【全球新聞】2012 Yamaha Zuma 50F First Ride - ar.long - 三咪重型機車貿易organization
  The chassis is a tube-steel design under plastic bodywork that offers some new features the C3 and old Zuma lacked. There's a telescopic fork in front with a chunky, semi-knobby 10-inch tire in front, with a 180mm wave-style brake rotor and snappy red-painted single-piston caliper. Handlebars are now moto-style, with an exposed, replaceable tube handlebar like the Zuma 125's. The rear suspension is by non-adjustable monoshock, and braking is handled with a mechanical drum on the 10-inch rear wheel. Seat height has

  If there's a better way to get around a dense urban environment than a 50cc scooter, we haven't found it yet.crept up a bit to 30.7 inches, but the scooter is basically the same size. Surprisingly, claimed wet weight is actually two pounds less than the 2011 Zuma's 207 pounds.
  Comfort and styling weren't ignored. Clear turn signal lenses lend a Euro look and the front brake disc, caliper and rear spring get hip red highlights. A luggage rack, cup (or glove) holder, folding bag hook and 23 liters of underseat storage add practicality. A fuel gauge lets you know when the 1.2-gallon gas tank (located under the floorboards) is empty. Unlike the C3, there is room for a passenger, so long as nobody is in a particular hurry.

  The fun began when Yamaha's Tim Olsen explained the format of the demo ride. Instead of your usual lead-and-follow jaunt along a pre-planned route, a scavenger hunt was laid out, with photo stops and orders to be back by 5:00 pm. A cake walk for me – I drove a taxicab in San Francisco for seven years, and I knew that a small scooter was the best way to negotiate S.F.'s warren of narrow, traffic-choked byways. But would the new four-stroke mill be enough to keep me alive and happy?

  Not a problem. The Zuma's torquey motor has good response off the line (although it seems to be tuned more for top end than off-the-line acceleration) and will carry most riders up even the steepest hills in S.F. – 18% grades in some cases. The Zuma's rugged looks were matched by brakes and suspension up to the challenges posed by S.F.'s potholed, bumpy streets and criminally inattentive drivers. There was no spot in the City's 49 square miles I couldn't reach, and I had a great time doing it.
【全球新聞】2012 Yamaha Zuma 50F First Ride - ar.long - 三咪重型機車貿易organization
  Sure, I often wanted more power, especially when I had to haul my pregnant wife to the hospital for an appointment, but with a Zuma 50F, as slow as it is, you're still going to get anywhere in San Francisco faster than by bicycle, bus, car or train. The Zuma will get up to an indicated 40 mph or so if you give it enough room and will give you back 109 mpg (I measured fuel consumption after riding an unbroken-in example hard for 50 miles), even if you're riding flat-out, and believe me, you will be riding WFO.

  Yamaha's C3 was economical and fun to ride, but had a face only a mother could love. It's gone from the '12 lineup.Sure, you could soup up that two-stroke Zuma and leave the four-stroker in the dust (or more accurately, a big cloud of blue smoke), but you will not make friends with neighbors, cops, old ladies crossing the street, small children, or anybody else sensitive to the pollution and noise a tuned two-stroke emits. It's also probably going to give up a little reliability when you swap out the stock parts and start bolting in those expensive, delicate kit exhaust and motor components.
  Because a scooter like the Zuma isn't about blasting around as fast as possible. It's about reliability and function. Hop on it, thumb the electric starter and go. When you get to your destination, squeeze it in between two cars, toss your full-face helmet under the seat and wait for your bus and car-confined friends or co-workers to arrive. Gas is cheap – I spent $1.36 riding around all day – and maintenance is affordable too, with 6000-mile valve-check intervals and a tiny amount of oil to change.
But it's not just all about cheap and practical transportation – even the most penny-pinching CPA likes to have fun. The Zuma 50F is every bit as fun to ride as the older, less socially responsible model. It's so light and steers so fast you almost forget you're riding anything. It's fast enough to keep up with most traffic (although you should pull over to get out of the way on very long, steep uphill grades), and it can fly through corners in ways a larger motorcycle can't imagine.

  Bug-eyed lamps carry on the Zuma styling theme we've seen since the '80s. Focus groups rejected other styling options.It's not perfect. The seat did get a little dreary (but to be fair, I was riding it for hours on end, which isn't its mission) and it's really too slow for a passenger, unless you live somewhere flat and slow-paced. And I hate to bring it up, but at $2540, it's not exactly a bargain (although it is just $50 more than the 2011 Zuma). There are a lot of high-quality scooters, also built in Taiwan, that offer similar or more performance for the same price – or a lot less. But Yamaha's products exhibit a high level of quality in design, performance and engineering that justifies the premium pricing. Because of that there are scooterists who love the rugged looks and sassy character of the little Zuma, and will accept no substitutes. Eighty thousand of them since the first Zuma was brought to the USA, to be exact.
Two-stroke fans may lament the end of the oil-burning Zuma, but for the rest of us, Yamaha's distinctive bug-eyed scoot lives on. The four-stroke has all the fun, character and economy of the old bike, in a slightly more eco-friendly package. Zumas will continue to climb San Francisco's steep hills and get riders to work and school with smiles on their faces, even unaccompanied by the cheerful buzzing and heady aroma of tuned two-stroke exhaust.
Check out the 2012 Yamaha Zuma 50F Specifications and rate this motorcycle in our Buyer's Guide.
【全球新聞】2012 Yamaha Zuma 50F First Ride - ar.long - 三咪重型機車貿易organization
【全球新聞】2012 Yamaha Zuma 50F First Ride - ar.long - 三咪重型機車貿易organization
【全球新聞】2012 Yamaha Zuma 50F First Ride - ar.long - 三咪重型機車貿易organization
【全球新聞】2012 Yamaha Zuma 50F First Ride - ar.long - 三咪重型機車貿易organization
【全球新聞】2012 Yamaha Zuma 50F First Ride - ar.long - 三咪重型機車貿易organization
【全球新聞】2012 Yamaha Zuma 50F First Ride - ar.long - 三咪重型機車貿易organization
【全球新聞】2012 Yamaha Zuma 50F First Ride - ar.long - 三咪重型機車貿易organization





google 提供的翻译:


                                                    2012年雅马哈-祖马50F  首骑



      然后沿来岁男性平均,在他的多次迭代 - 国家,地方和联邦机构进行清理下来的空气和宁静的东西。双strokers使良好的动力性,但他们也转储到大气中的大量未燃烧的燃料和烧毁的石油。当然,清洁燃烧的二冲程发动机可建,但无论出于何种原因,在美国的二冲程踏板车模型的数量已经缩水到几乎没有。


       他们会吗? 2012年,雅马哈给我们带来了祖马50F,选择我的家乡旧金山炫耀它是如何适合密集的城市环境,它会打电话回家。亚伦麻类,雅马哈的产品规划者之一,在科技简报,照射到设计。

       雅马哈在美国和加拿大进行的焦点小组,找出如何50CC踏板车买家希望他们乘坐的外观和性能。原来,近30%的女性和一个巨大的年龄分布,祖马的观众是多样的。用途是广泛的 - 53%的人使用它主要是用于交通上班,上学或跑腿,但第三大多使用它只是为了好玩。当被问及为何祖马买家购买他们的坐骑,造型,燃油经济性和价格很大程度上代表的响应。他们想要什么自行车看起来像吗?坚固,越野车的造型和形象保持未来 - 关于骑手的空间和舒适性的愿望相冲突消息。
       所以不会有很多的意外,到2012年祖马50F包装。最基本的平台是从晚解除,也许不那么错过了雅马哈C3(说“海立方”),这看上去有点像一个车轮上的婴儿骨灰盒,毫不客气地从2012年的阵容下降。尽管如此,平淡,自行车可能已经有一个很好的引擎 - 三阀,水冷单燃油喷射和三位数的燃油经济性。四冲程的设计提供了更好的燃油经济性之外的优势。它的清洁燃烧(它甚至得到了双重的催化剂,以满足最严格的环保标准),运行冷却器,具有更好的扭矩关闭闲置,升温更快。雅马哈索赔132英里,虽然这疯狂的经济数字是根据废气排放测试,而不是实际的城市骑。



       有趣的开始时,雅马哈的蒂姆 - 奥尔森解释演示乘坐的格式。而不是你一贯的铅,并沿着预先计划路线的短途旅游,寻宝奠定了附图站和订单到下午5:00。蛋糕为我走 - 我开车在旧金山的出租车为7年,我知道,一个小滑板车是最好的方式谈判SF的沃伦狭窄,交通哽咽小道。但新的四冲程机,足以让我活着和快乐?

       不是一个问题。祖马的扭矩电机断了线的良好的响应(尽管它似乎将调整为高端多行加速),将携带最车手甚至在SF陡峭的山丘- 18%的档次,在某些情况下。祖马的崎岖看起来是相匹配的刹车和悬挂SF的坑坑洼洼,崎岖不平的街道和刑事责任不留神司机带来的挑战。有没有在这个城市的49平方英里,我不能够达到的现场,我做了一个伟大的时间。


       雅马哈的C3是经济和乘坐的乐趣,但只有母亲的爱脸。从'12 lineup.Sure了,你可汤二冲程祖马,并留在灰尘(或更准确,蓝烟大云)四司炉,但你不会与邻国的朋友,警察,老太太过马路,孩子小,或其他任何人调谐两冲程发出的污染和噪音敏感。它也可能会放弃一点点的可靠性,当你换出股票部分,并开始在那些昂贵的,精致的套件排气和电机组件抽薹。
       因为像祖马踏板车不爆破围绕尽可能快地。它的可靠性和功能。合就可以了,大拇指电起动。当你到达目的地时,挤在两车之间,你折腾的座位下,全盔,并等待您的巴士和汽车密闭的朋友或同事到达。天然气是便宜 - 我花了1.36美元,骑整天 - 和维护6000英里的阀门检查间隔,和少量的油改变,是太实惠。
但它不只是所有关于廉价和实用的运输 - 即使是最节俭的注册会计师,喜欢有情趣。祖马50F是每一点乐趣乘坐的年纪大了,更对社会负责的模式。它是如此的轻,操纵这么快,你几乎忘记你骑什么。它的速度不够快,保持与大多数流量(虽然你应该拉出去很长,陡峭的上坡等级的方式),它可以飞在一个更大的摩托车无法想象的方式通过弯道。

       祖马造型的主题,我们八十年代以来看到跌破眼镜灯进行。焦点小组等造型options.It的不健全而被拒绝。座位没有得到一点点凄凉(但说句公道话,我是骑了几个小时就结束,这是不是它的使命)和它的实在太慢了一名乘客,除非你住的地方平坦,慢节奏。我讨厌把它,但在2540美元,它不完全是一个讨价还价(尽管它只是比2011年祖马50美元以上)。有大量的高品质踏板车,??在台湾制造,性能相同的价格提供类似或更 - 少了很多。但雅马哈的产品呈现在设计,性能和工程证明溢价很高的质量水平。正因为如此,有scooterists谁爱在崎岖的外观和时髦的小祖马的字符,将不接受任何替代品。其中的80千年以来的首次祖马被带到美国,准确。



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